Creating a Ticket for Help or Information

Facility Information Tool
The option of submitting a ticket is an enhancement to our current customer service model.  In addition to now being able to email a request to the portal or fill in a ticket request, users will still have the option to come talk to us, fill out a paper request form, email us directly or call the FIS Support hotline (353-3434) to receive assistance.
Here are instructions for the two new ways to submit requests…
To submit tickets through Portal:
The link to access the portal directly is
Additional ways to access the page:
  1. Select ‘Tickets’
  2. Then start a new ticket
  3. Make sure to select the Department when prompted.
  1. Which Department do I select?
  • Facility Information RequestsUse if you need records/archive documents, drawings, equipment and material information, a disc for a consultant, files retrieved from Meridian or any other location (unifier, microfilm, archives, main office files, etc).
  • User Support – use this if one of the systems or applications supported by FIS is not working, you see an opportunity for an enhancement to a current application we are supporting, you need support using one of our systems or applications (Meridian, Munsys, Cad, GIS, etc.)
  1. Fill in the fields based on the information you are seeking.  Put the description of the information you are seeking in the message body field.
  2. Click ‘Start Ticket’
  3. You will receive a ticket creation notice email with a ticket number.  Any further correspondence will be through this.  You can respond directly to the email address on the ticket creation notice.
To submit tickets for Information Requests by email:
Send information requests by emailing  Fill in the subject and the message body and you should receive an email with a ticket number.  If you do not receive this ticket creation notice email, your ticket was not created.  Please contact us so we can fix the issue.
Once your ticket is closed, you will be sent a notification and also a brief survey to fill out.  Please feel free to do this for as many as you can.  This will help us collect metrics on all the different information requests we receive and also each agent that is responsible for assisting you.

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