Project Naming Standards

When creating a Project, the project title should always begin with the building name or entity name from FAMIS (see one exception below “Art and Monuments”). The building or entity name will appear in the Building Description when you query buildings to assign a building to the project (this list is comes from the “Description” field in FAMIS Space Management).

Space HYPHEN Space Use ‐ to separate the Building or Entity Name from the rest of the project title.

Alterations, Renovations, Upgrade, Install, Replace, Construct, Addition and so on.

  • For a new building – use “Construct Original Building” Use this even if the project is in the very early conceptual stages. The FAMIS status will indicate the phase of the project. If the building does not exist in FAMIS, you will have to ask Lorena to assign a new building in FAMIS before you can create the project.

  • For an addition – use “Addition #, Addition Name if applicable”. Also use this even if the project is in the very early conceptual stages. For any project involving a new addition, the project name should have the addition number in the title (you will also have to get this from Lorena).

  • Alterations - An alteration is a change to an existing building. Moving or changing walls, doors, windows, structural changes etc.

  • Renovations - A renovation is an update to an existing building or a return to a new condition.   Modifying the space with updated furniture, equipment, paint, carpet, etc.

Room Numbers, Campus Location

  • Manly Miles – Alterations to Room 310
  • Electrical Distribution System – Install Electrical Power to Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Signage – Upgrade Kellogg Center Parking Garage Sign on Kalamazoo Street

Land Entities:
When making the decision of which building or entity to use as the “primary” when the project involves more than one building or entity, first determine the scope of the project and what/where the majority of the work will be. If the work is NOT happening to the building itself, use the Land Entity as the primary and cross reference all other buildings or entities involved in the project.

  • Signage – Upgrade Kellogg Center Parking Garage Sign on Kalamazoo Street
This project involves installing a sign which will NOT be attached to the Kellogg Center Parking Ramp. The majority of the work is installing a sign. The sign is located on Kalamazoo Street. The sign references the Kellogg Parking Ramp. So the primary building/entity should be “Signage”, the “what” is upgrade, the “where” is the Kellogg Parking Ramp and Kalamazoo Street. Cross reference the Kellogg Parking Ramp, the Roads land entity number and the specific road(s) involved.

Here is a link to the main Land Entities that are used.  There are also specific numbers for parking lots and roads/intersections that need to be used when picking the location of a project.

Multiple Building Projects:
For projects involving more than one building or entity equally, assign the building or entity that is first alphabetically as the primary building, AND use that building or entity in the project title. (FAMIS and Meridian both have the notion of a “primary” building). Also use “& VARIOUS BLDGS” right after the primary building:
Cross reference any additional buildings or entities involved in the project in FAMIS by clicking on the ‘Locations’ tab and entering all the buildings involved. These will automatically cross reference in the Records Project list too.
One exception regarding using the building or entity name at the beginning of a project is:

Creating a “Commemorative” project:
Always use “Art & Monuments” Land Entity 3001 as the primary building when creating a project for a commemorative bench, tree, plaque, marker etc. It won’t be necessary to have “Art & Monuments” in the beginning of the project name so the project name should be as follows:

Commemorative THING ‐ person’s LAST NAME (LAST NAME ONLY) ‐ LOCATION

  • Commemorative Bench – Guyer – Old College Field
  • Commemorative Plaque & Bust – King – Student Services
  • Commemorative Tree - McKenna ‐ Stadium
Always cross reference commemorative projects to the location (building) and/or any other land entity it involves.
  • Benches cross reference “site furnishings”
  • Trees cross reference “planting plans”