Oce - Scanning and Retrieval

Oce TDS700/Colorwave 650
Large Format Drawings –
Scanning & Retrieval
To Scan:
  1. Select ‘Scan’ on controller keypad.
  2. Use the scroll wheel and select button to pick which type of scan from the list on keypad.
  1. Insert drawing FACE DOWN and line up with turquoise arrow.                                                      
  1. Machine will auto feed document in, then once it stops moving, press the green button.
  1. If scanning multiple pages, feed next drawing in and other drawing will release.
  1. As document scans, it will display the file name on the controller keypad
  1. After all drawings are scanned, press RED BUTTON to release the last one.
    1. Select ‘Close File’ when finished with Multi-page file to process.
To Retrieve:
  1.  Type Oceplot into the Internet Explorer web browser  (or type http://oceplot/home.jsp).
    1. Save this webpage as a favorite or bookmark it.
    2. The scans will delete after 48 HOURS, so make sure to retrieve yours before this happens.
  2. Under the ‘Jobs’ tab, click in the blank filter box to open the Public view where your scans are stored.
  1. Select ‘Public’.
  1. Select the files (one at a time)
  2. Save them to your chosen directory or desktop.
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