Meridian 2016U1 - Correct version to access

Meridian 32 bit vs. 64 bit client
The install of Meridian 2016U1 will be available to users in two versions.  At this time, do NOT select the 64 bit client, as your Meridian will not work correctly.
When selecting Meridian from the start menu, make sure it does NOT say (64-bit) at the end of the application name.
After opening Meridian, make sure you are NOT in the 64 bit client by looking at the top of your Meridian window (if you are, see above).  
Meridian 2016U1 vs 2016S1
Please make sure your client says 2016U1 instead of 2016S1 If it does say 2016S1, try rebooting.  If that doesn't work, please let us know. immediately so we can fix the issue.  
  If you experience any issues or have any questions please contact FIS:


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