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Facility Information Tool
Listed below are the important links you will need to have.  Remember anytime you are asked to login to a system, type pplant\ in the username field before your username.
Password Reset Server:
Facility Information Services Portal:
  • The FIS site that gets you to contact information, knowledge based articles, news, links to facility information tools, ticket request form.
Facilities Information Tool (FIT):
  • Contains information about buildings, projects, construction history, mapping applications (facility information viewer, IPF equipment viewer and building information portal), document management, facilities data reports, complexes, addresses, utilities, land entities, etc.
Meridian Explorer:
Please do not hesitate to contact FIS with any questions you may have regarding any of the applications listed above.
Username/password issues (CSN hotline): 517-353-4777
Application issues (FIS hotline):  517-353-3434
User support/application support:
Information requests:

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