Linking documents from Meridian to external sites

Open Meridian (BC-Meridian power User).

Choose the scope (in this case, department or office).

Choose the Nav View.


Find the document you want to link.

Make sure the Properties pane is turned on.

In the properties pane, single-click on the document icon above the thumbnail. 

 A window will open. Locate the Document ID. This is the piece of information you will need to link to the document.

Use the following link as a model:

After /files/, paste the document ID you copied from Meridian. 


Copy the link you just created and paste it into the external website or document you are linking this document to.

Once the link is published and live on a site, clicking the link will not open a new page on the website, but may open a dialogue box asking if the user wishes to open the document then the document will open in the native application.