Meridian 2017 Enhancements

This document highlights the changes/enhancements users will experience in Meridian when they log in on March 5th, 2018.
Meridian Desktop 2017S1 upgrade
  1. DWF file type removed in Operational Drawings
  2. ‘Work Areas’ removed
    1. Replaced with ‘Work In Progress’ folders for Construction Standards Stewards and Operational Drawing Staff (training will be scheduled for editors).
    2. Forms and Templates will be edited in the Main Area (editors will get an updated training manual via email.  This is also available in Meridian – References – Training Manuals).
  3. Project Archives – Equipment and Materials Vault enhancements
  4. Equipment ID field added to all project archive vaults
  5. Nav View changes
  6. Meridian Explorer 2017 upgrade
  7. Mobile Meridian coming soon!
See below for specifics on each change/enhancement…
User Interface Enhancements
1.Meridian Desktop 2017S1 upgrade
  1. The top of the application window will display the version you are using.  You will want to see 2017S1.
New: 2017S1     
Old: 2016U1       
  1. When you open Meridian for the first time, if it does not say 2017S1 along the top, restart your computer.  If the problem persists, contact FIS immediately ( | 3-3434 |
  2. Also, if you have an option to use a version of Meridian with x64 at the end, DO NOT USE IT.  It will not work correctly.
Operational Vault enhancements
2.DWF file type removed in Operational Drawings.
a.The Operational Drawings will no longer have DWF files.  The DWG and PDF files will still be available for each floor of the buildings.
New: 2017S1             
            Old: 2016U1  
3.‘Work Areas’ have been replaced with ‘Work In Progress (WIP)’ folders. 
  1. Work will now be performed in a ‘Work in Progress (WIP)’ folder in the ‘Main Area’.  While under a change, the file being modified will not be displayed in the ‘Released’ or ‘Main Area’ or on a webpage, just like the work areas functionality.
  2. If you are a user that had permissions to work in the ‘Work Areas’ on Construction Standards, you will need training on how to use the ‘WIP’ folder.
  3. Forms and Templates will no longer use ‘Work Areas’.  The permissions will remain the same, but modifications will happen in the ‘Main Area’.
New: 2017S1                                                                                                      Old: 2016U1  
Archive Vault enhancements
4.Project Archives – Equipment and Materials (EAM) Vault enhancements
a.In preparation for the Meridian Mobile implementation, FADE process and Preventive Maintenance files to be added to Meridian, we have made significant improvements to the EAM vault indexing capabilities.
b.Files added to the system will be more accurately described.
i.By selecting the equipment ID(s), many of the asset information fields (Equipment ID, Description, Manufacturer and Model) will auto-populate directly from the FAMIS asset information table. 
ii.An equipment classification ‘cheat sheet’ has been added in the system that will help to index the EAM files more accurately.
c.The information will also be synced regularly to keep the data between the asset management and document management systems the same, which will help with searching.
5.Equipment ID field available on all project archive vaults
a.In preparation for the Meridian Mobile implementation, FADE process and Preventive Maintenance files to be added to Meridian, we have added the Equipment ID field to all the archive vaults.  Users can select the Equipment ID(s) from the FAMIS table to be able to link documents and drawings to asset information.
b.Users will be able to search against the equipment ID(s) and get all the related files in the system.
6.Updated Nav Views
a.With all the changes to the indexing fields, some of the Nav Views will be updated to reflect the new properties.
7.Meridian Explorer upgrade 2017
a.Meridian Explorer (the web version of Meridian) will be upgraded to the 2017 version.
i.There are no user interface changes.
ii.Views will be updated to include the new properties in Meridian so users can search against them.
iii.The files linked to web pages will not change at all.
b.The files will NOT be synched from Meridian for at least a week will the views and filters are updated.  This may cause an odd user experience while the changes are made, particularly with the Equipment and Materials files.
8.Meridian Mobile coming soon!
a.All the archive vault enhancements listed above will make the Meridian Mobile app experience better for the users.  By linking the Equipment IDs to the files and ensuring information is synched with FAMIS and described more accurately, users will be more successful accessing the information on their mobile devices.
If you need assistance or further explanation, please contact FIS Support.

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