Meridian access denied - NetID locked

If you have followed the instructions to set your Windows Credential Manager to point to campusad for Meridian and are still getting an access denied error message, try this:
  1. Close Meridian
  2. Hold down the Shift key and right-click on your Meridian poweruser application icon.
  3. Select Run as a different user.
4. Type campusad\yournetid  (make sure you type your MSU net ID), then your password in the next field.
5.  Click OK
6.  If the following error comes up, your net ID may be locked and will need to be unlocked.
7.  Call the MSU IT services support line (517-432-6200) and press 6 for other services.  
8.  Tell them your MSU Net ID needs to be unlocked.
  • You will need to give them your netid and your Zpid when you call.
  • Do not say you are having Meridian trouble or you will be transferred back to FIS.  FIS cannot unlock your MSU account and you will have to call IT services again.
  • They may have you follow instructions and change your password if necessary.
9.  Once your account has been unlocked, repeat steps 1-5 above. 
  • If Meridian will open: Connect to the correct server.
    • You will see an error that it is trying to connect to your computer instead of the Meridian server (example of name: IPF-CSF-D-KLS). 
10.  Click OK when prompted until you get to the Open Vault dialog box.
11.  Click Browse...
            12.  Type ipf-msprod01 for the object name, then click Check Names
            13.  Click OK.
        14.  Now your Meridian vaults should be accessible.
If this does not work, please contact FIS Support for assistance 3-3434 or

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