Cad Manager

So, have you ever been working on a CAD drawing, and all of the sudden CAD won’t let you right click to repeat the last command (even if you go into your options and try to reset this as your preference), and it won’t let you select anything with one mouse click, and then apply the command you want without taking other more tedious steps.

You just have to type “pickfirst” at the command prompt, and then set the value to “1“. That’s it. For some reason, something just gets tweaked once in a while, and it’s never easy to wade through the help files to get exactly what you need.\So try “pickfirst” it 

Controls whether you select objects before (noun-verb selection) or after you issue a command.


Turns off PICKFIRST; you select objects after you issue a command


Turns on PICKFIRST; you select objects before you issue a command

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