Installing and Configuring ArcGIS on a Mobile Device

ArcGIS Mobile


These instructions will walk you thru installing and configuring ArcGIS on a mobile device.  While the process for installing and configuring on Android devices is almost exactly the same, the screen shots contained here are from an iOS device.
If you already have the ArcGIS application installed, you can skip to step 2.

1. Install the latest version of ArcGIS

  • On your mobile device, locate and install the latest version of ArcGIS using your devices app store and searching for 'esri':


2. Configure the application

  • Map not shared error
    If you receive an error message about the map not being shared with your account, please refer to this article.
  • Once the application is installed, launch the application and use the Maps button to open the Find Maps Panel.  Click the GIS Connections button:

  • On the GIS Connections panel, click the Add Connection button (looks like a plus icon):

  • Enter where it asks for the address of your GIS Connection, then click Done:

  • You should be prompted to enter your FIS Services Account or pplant domain credentials.  Do so and click Done which will take you back to the GIS Connections screen:

  • Once you are back to the GIS Connections screen, click on the new connection to select it and take you back to the Find Maps screen:

  • Back on the Find Maps screen, click the Maps button:

  • You should now see several folders containing related maps:

  • You can select a folder by clicking on it to view its maps:

  • Click on any map to launch it.


This article is out of date and should be updated to include instructions for ArcGIS Collector and Explorer.
Jade Freeman (August 30, 2016 at 9:34 AM)

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