Logging in to view secured files - pplant domain vs. other domains

Meridian Explorer
Trouble logging into to Meridian Explorer?  This may be why...
  • If you are using a computer that is within the IPF world (pplant domain), you can just use your username and password to log in.
    • Internet Explorer dialog box for domain users
      Google Chrome dialog box for Domain Users
However, if you are using Internet Explorer and are on a computer using a domain other than pplant, you will need to type 'pplant\username'.
Internet Explorer dialog box for OUTSIDE the pplant domain
Still having trouble???  Try changing your Internet Setting if you are using Internet Explorer:
Add the site as a trusted site.  It may relax some of the permission issues about logging in.  If you go to Internet options, security, highlight trusted sites, then select “Custom level”. Scroll to the bottom of this list.  You will find:

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