PDC Project Email Public Folders


Procedures for MOVING email messages into Outlook Public Folders:

  1. To move the emails to the public folders, select all of the email messages you will be moving.
    1. The folders are not able to be moved at this time, so the individual messages must be selected.
    2. You will have to repeat these steps in both your inbox and in the archives area in outlook for any project emails that are older than one year.
Outlook Inbox:
Outlook Online Archive:
  1. Once the files are selected, right-click and select ‘Move’, ‘Other Folder…’ or type Ctrl+Shift+V. 
  1. Scroll all the way to the bottom where you will see ‘Public Folders - yourname@ipf.msu.edu’.  Open the folder, open ‘All Public Folders’, scroll down and open ‘PDC Project E-Mails, then open the folder for the start year of the project (example: 2012 is CP12… or PR12…...).
  2. Find and select the Project Folder, then click ‘OK’.
REMEMBER: Repeat all the above steps in the Outlook Online Archives area as well.
If the folder you need isn’t available, please send an email to fisrequests@ipf.msu.edu and include the project number.
Procedure – VIEWING or FINDING emails in Outlook Public Folders
  1. To find the emails to the public folders, open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the ‘…’ icon at the bottom left of the outlook window.
  3. Select ‘Folders’
  1. Scroll all the way to the very bottom
  2. Open the ‘Public Folders – username@ipf.msu.edu
  1. Continue opening folders: All Public Folders, PDC Project E-Mails, Year folder, Project folder
Microsoft 2016 updates forced a new version of this document.
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