Facilities Infrastructure Viewer Update

New web mapping framework
The Facilities Information Services Team will be deploying a new web mapping framework to support the various web mapping applications that they host tomorrow, Thursday, March 31 at 6 PM.
How does this impact the end user:
·        All current applications like the Facilities Information Tool will still continue to function as they have before. The biggest difference is that the mapping framework that support FIT and other tools like it will be changed.
·        The Facility Infrastructure Viewer application will be replaced by the new framework.  Users will be automatically redirected to the correct URL.
·        The new framework provides a flexible web mapping platform which easily allows for additional web mapping features and offers better mobile accessibility.
·        Allows linking to map features from other applications and services.
·        The new framework has the same features as the previous framework along with new features. Splash screens with help information exist within the various applications.  An example of one of the help screens can be seen below:
·        Users are welcome to explore the initial applications immediately.  Use the following URLs:
What is the reason for this change:
Deployment of this new framework will help to complete the migration of ArcGIS services to a new more scalable ArcGIS Server cluster. It also allows IPF to fully leverage ArcGIS Portal and helps to set up a framework that is much more flexible and easy to use for deploying additional features and applications in the future.
Who to contact for more information:
If you have any questions please contact FIS Support at (517) 353-3434. Thank you.