Meridian Upgrade - 2016

Meridian Upgrade 2016
The Meridian Document Management System was upgraded to the 2016 version Sunday, December 4th, 2016.
Important information to know for Meridian Desktop Client users only (not Explorer/web users):
Below are links to the knowledge based articles regarding the upgrade:
  1. Correct Version of Meridian to access - size DOES matter...  Do NOT use any version of Meridian that has 64 bit in the title, as the features will not work correctly. Also, ensure you have 2016U1, NOT 2016S1.
  2. Connecting to the New Server - Instructions on selecting the correct server.  Needed if you experience error messages referring to PPS-MERIDIAN or not being able to connect or no vaults showing up upon opening Meridian 2016 the first time.
  3. User Interface Changes - highlights the minor user interface changes users will experience with the new verison of Meridian.  If you would like an FIS staff member to go through the changes with you, please do not hestiate to contact us.
  4. Indexing Issue - There is a known issue that will affect the way some users index files in the wizards. This affects users that like to type in the fields instead of using magnifying glass icon to lookup values.
  5. Right-Click shortcut menu - The upgrade reset the right-click short cut menu back to default setting.  This KB article has instructions to restore the options you are used to using and are no longer are seeing.
If you have any questions please contact FIS support: