Meridian 2017 Upgrade – Forms and Templates Editors process change

Meridian Upgrade –Forms and Templates Editors – NEW PROCEDURE
Starting on Monday, March 5th 2018, Meridian will be upgraded to the 2017 version.  There is an updated training manual for adding, modifying and editing the forms and templates in Meridian.  Editors will no longer need to use Work Areas to modify the files.  The process has been simplified to the ‘start quick change’ and ‘release quick change’ process.  Please review the manual when you are going to make any changes to the forms and templates in Meridian.
Reminder:  When you open Meridian for the first time, if it does not say 2017S1 along the top, restart your computer.  If the problem persists, contact FIS immediately.
If you need assistance, would like a training session set up or have any questions please contact the FIS support line at 517-353-3434 or submit a ticket on the FIS support Portal