Meridian 2017 Upgrade – Work Area changes for Forms and Templates Editors

Meridian Upgrade Alert – advanced notice to Forms and Templates Editors
If you are an EDITOR in the current Forms and Templates ‘Work Areas’ in Meridian.  On March 2nd, 2018, Meridian will be upgraded to the 2017S1 version and when that happens, editors will no longer have to use a Work Area to update the Forms and Templates.  Because of this substantial change to the system, you will need to release any changes and then release the files back into the Main Area before the upgrade so you don’t lose any of your work.
There will be a more detailed notice of all the changes coming soon as well as training sessions for any EDITORS on how modify the forms and templates in Meridian without work areas.  In the meantime, please RELEASE QUICK CHANGES and RELEASE TO MAIN AREA!
What do I need to know/do???
  • Meridian ‘Work Areas’ are going away.  You will need to get your files back into the ‘Main Area’ before we upgrade on March 2nd.
    • Since you are a user with permissions to edit Forms and Templates, please make sure all of your changes have been released and the files are ‘released to the main area’ by February 28th, 2018.
    • To view the list of files you have in a change status, open the work area you have permissions to and select the [~My to-do list] Nav view.
    • To view the list of all files assigned to the work area, open the work area and select the ‘All Documents in Work Area’ Nav view.
These changes WILL NOT affect the way the MSU staff and vendors access the Forms and Templates in Meridian or on the any IPF webpage.
If you need assistance or have any questions please contact the FIS support line at 517-353-3434 or submit a ticket on the FIS support Portal.