Revit, Don't forget your keyboard (tips)

Revit, Don't forget your keyboard (tips)

All too often people forget what the keyboard can be used for when they are modeling.

The arrow keys are often forgot about. These can be used to nudge objects, very useful when arranging a layout or text. These small adjustments do however depend on how you have your zoom set. Far away = big nudge, close up = minute nudge so not really appropriate if your looking for absolute coordinates. The "shift" key also increase the nudge distance.

Below are a list of handy short-cuts. I've put a dash beside the ones I think all beginners should learn from the beginning:

-AA Align
-CC Copy
-DE Delete
-DI Dimension
-DR Door
-MA Match Type Properties
-MV Move
-OF Offset
-RE Scale
-RM Room
-RO Rotate
-UP Unpin
-VG Adjust Visibility Graphics
-VV View Manager
-WA Wall
-WN Window

AL Align
AP Group Objects
AS Align
CS Create Similar
DD Align Dimension
DL Detail Line
DM Mirror From Drawn Line
EL Spot Elevation
GP Group
LI Align
LR Line Model
MI Mirror
MM Mirror From Axis
MN Manage Link
PB Project Browser
PI Align
PN Pin
RP Reference Plane
SA Select All Instances
SC Snap Center
SE Snap End
SI Snap Intersection
SL Splits an Element
SM Snap Middle
SN Snap Nearest
SP Snap Perpendicular
SS Splice
TG Tag
TR Trim
TX Text
UG Ungroup
VP View Properties