Select objects and modify color Bug

At this time the work around is to utilize the “Properties” toolbar. To use this toolbar in the command prompt type in –TOOLBAR, then type in the toolbar name “PROPERTIES”, then type SHOW and the toolbar should display in the user interface.   

I have heard back from DEV on this defect.  They have informed me that this is “As-Designed” in respect to the stock ribbon configuration.  There is a variable that can be modified to overcome this discrepancy between the toolbar and the ribbon.  They understand that by default a number of customers have requested this be more unified in operation but at this time they have supplied this variable to modify as needed to generate the same or at least similar functionality between the toolbar and ribbon layer control.  This information about the variable is listed below.

Type:  Integer
Saved in: User-settings
Initial value: 2500

 Limits the number of objects that can be changed at one time with the ribbon property controls or a contextual tab.
 The valid range is 0 to 32767. When set to 0, the limit is turned off. If the limit is exceeded, the ribbon property controls and panels will be grayed out.

 Selecting a large number of objects and changing them with the Properties panel or a contextual tab on the ribbon can result in slow response time. This system variable prevents such an occurrence, especially on a computer with limited memory.