Selection Cycling Tab (Draft Settings Dialog Box)

Selection Cycling Tab (Draft Settings Dialog Box)

Changes settings for displaying selection candidates on overlapping objects.

Note: The 3D Object Snap tab in the illustration is not available in AutoCAD LT.

Selection cycling allows you to select objects that are overlapping by pressing Shift + Spacebar. You can control whether a blue cursor icon displays to indicate overlapping objects and you can configure the display settings of the Selection list box.

To filter the type of subobjects displayed (vertices, edges, or faces) use the SUBOBJSELECTIONMODE system variable. (Not available in AutoCAD LT.)

List of Options

Allow Selection Cycling

Controls whether the selection cycling feature is turned on. (SELECTIONCYCLING system variable).

Display Selection Cycling List Box

Displays the Selection list box, which lists all overlapping objects that might be selected at the current location of the pickbox cursor.
Cursor Dependent
Moves the list box relative to the cursor.
Specifies in which quadrant of the cursor to position the list box.
Distance in Pixels
Specifies the distance between the cursor and the list box.
The list box does not move with the cursor and remains in the same position. To change the position of the list box, click and drag.

Show Title Bar

To save screen space, turns off the title bar on the Selection list box.

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