Synchronizing Your Autocad Custom Settings With A360 Drive

Synchronizing Your Custom Settings With A360 Drive

When you use A360 Drive® and the Sync My Settings Through The Cloud option, you can always have your custom settings available no matter where you are. To use this option, log into A360 Drive Then make sure that the Sync My Settings Through The Cloud option is checked in the InfoCenter’s A360 drop-down menu. AutoCAD will automatically store your custom settings in the A360 Drive cloud service. If you start an AutoCAD 2016 session at another location and log into A360 Drive, your custom settings will be synchronized with the settings stored in the cloud.

You can control which settings are synced by using the Online tab of the Options dialog box. Click the A360 drop-down list from the InfoCenter, and then select Online Options. Doing so opens the Online tab of the Options dialog box. Click the Choose Which Settings Are Synced button to open a dialog box that lets you select which settings to sync.

You can control which custom settings are stored with your Autodesk A360 account. For example, you might want to maintain separate settings from your Options dialog box on different computers. Your custom settings are automatically updated with Autodesk A360 at intervals controlled by the ONLINESYNCTIME system variable.

Note: Initially, the update interval is set to 300 minutes, so you might want to change the setting temporarily to a smaller value if you need the update sooner.

1.       Sign-in to Autodesk A360 account while using AutoCAD.
2.       Click A360 tab> Settings Sync panel> Choose Settings.
3.       Specify settings to be synced.

4.    Click A360 tab >  Settings Sync panel> Sync My Settings.  
5.    In the Enable Customization Sync dialog box, click Start Syncing My Settings Now.
6.    Download your settings from your online account to a different or new computer.