Click Software the HP large format Plotter and Scanner - IPF-PDC-P-I103

HP Click

Setup Instructions

  1. Open the HP Click installer located at \\pps-filesrv2\winpkgs\HP\Click\HPClick-64bit-Setup.exe You will not be prompted for an administrator password. It will perform some initial installation steps.
  2. When presented, click the checkbox to accept the EULA and click Next. You do not need to enter your email address.
  3. Click Next through the introduction. (Read it if you would like.)
  4. Wait while it attempts for autodetect printers. It will not be successful.
  5. Click the + Button to add a printer.
  6. Enter IPF-PDC-P-I103 in both fields. Click Done.
  7. The plotter will now be listed. Click One more thing.
  8. You will be prompted to enter measurement units and page sizes. The defaults should be correct. Click Get started.

Using HP Click

  • HP Click is software that allows you to patch print multiple files at once instead of opening and printing them one-by-one.
  • When you open Click, you are presented with a simple window with a Print Settings button in the top left and a drag-and-drop interface below it.
  • The Print Settings allow you to configure standard options that apply to the entire batch.
  • You can drag and drop or browse for multiple files.
  • Once selected, pages show up on the left, with a preview pane on the right. The paper size can be modified for each page if needed.
  • Clicking the Print button in the bottom left will print the whole batch at once.