Meridian - Direct Access Laptops and Meridian Local Work Spaces

Direct Access Laptops and Meridian Local Work Spaces
IPF employees that are given newer laptops and do NOT have to remote into their computers may be experiencing issues with Meridian and the quick change process.

Meridian is now using local work spaces for documents that are under a quick change.  What this means is that when you are modifying the content of a document and have that document "checked out" in Meridian, the file is being stored on your C drive, on your computer.  Every 30 minutes, a version will be saved back to Meridian automatically, other than that though, the version you are working on is on your computer and not in Meridian until the save button is hit or the 30 minutes passes.


You may have also noticed the grayed out piece of paper and pencil icon next to the file in Meridian.When it is grayed out, this means the file is "locked" in your local work space.  If you are working on the same computer that you started the quick change on, when you go to release the quick change, the document should automatically unlock.

Sometimes a file will not unlock through the normal release process and looks red.  This may happen if you started a quick change on your laptop and are trying to release it on your desktop computer.  Hover over the red icon to ensure the file is under a quick change by you and the file is in the local work space on the computer you are working on.  Typically, IPF computer names have an -L- for laptop and a -D- for desktop in them.
If the name of the locked file doesn't match the name of the computer you are logged into, you will have to do the following:
Option 1:  you can release the file on the same computer you started the quick change on.
Option 2:
  1. Right click on file on the computer where the file is red and locked
  2. Select show revisions
  3. Select the locked version of the file
  4. Right click and select Unlock from Local Work Space.
  5. Now you can release your quick change.