Mobile - Viewing multi-page tiff files from AppTree

It was realized that tiff images do not open well in the AppTree viewer.  Only page one will be displayed of multi-page files.  There are currently over 1000,000 tiff files in Meridian that will eventually be converted to pdf/a.  They are in the drawings and the documents area.  Not the equipment and materials.  The drawings are mostly single page tiff images, but the documents may have multiple pages.

For an interim fix to the issue, you will have to download a tiff viewer from the app store.

One time Set-up
  1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for tiff viewer
  3. Download the free app called Fast Image Viewer Free (FIV Free)

Regular use to view a tiff file from AppTree

  1. When you are opening a tiff file in AppTree the icon looks like this.

  1. When you click on the file, select save to files.

  1. Save the file on your iphone, in your word documents folder, click Add.

  1. Open the FIV Free App
  2. Click on the cloud download icon.

  1. Select your file.
  1. Now you can view all the pages of the tiff image.