Retrieving Plotter Scans

After scanning drawings at the Plotter, you will need to retrieve them at your computer from the network drive they are scanned into.

To add the shortcut to the Plotter scans folder, follow these instructions:
  • Open a File Explorer window

  • Right click on 'This PC'
  • Select 'Add a network location'

  • Click 'Next'

  • Select 'Choose a custom network location' and click 'Next'

  • Type: \\IPF-WNSRV19DEV2\Conference Rooms Storage\Scans
  • Click 'Browse'

  • Click 'OK'

  • Click 'Next'

  • Click 'Next'

  • Click 'Finish'

The folder will now be available under 'This PC' in your file explorer.