Distribution List Subscriptions for Facility and Asset related Information

Users can subscribe to various distribution lists to get updates when attributes are added or modified in the following Planon modules or when FIS updates building and floor plan information.  These distribution lists will be replacing the RSS feeds and group emails users used to receive for these types of updates.  If you would like to be added to any of these lists, please submit a ticket in the FIS support portal and select 'yes' for which distribution lists you would like to receive updates from and we will add you to the membership.

Updates from Planon
  • IPF Planon Asset Updates
  • IPF Planon Construction History Updates
  • IPF Planon Property Updates
Updates from FIS
  • FIS Building Notifications
    • New Buildings or Additions
    • Razed Buildings or Additions
    • Official Building name changes. 
  • FIS Floorplan and Room Number Updates
    • Changes in Square Footage
    • Changes in Room Numbers
    • New Floor Plans
  • FIS Roof Updates
    • Changes in Roof information
    • New Roof Plans
  • FIS Door Updates
    • Changes in Door Information
    • New Door Information
Users can also unsubscribe from the distribution lists by submitting a ticket and selecting 'No' for the lists they'd like to be removed from.