Mobile - FAQs for searching in Meridian Mobile

  • How do I know if a piece of Equipment is still in use?
    • The equipment status is in the Equipment ID information.
    • That being said, only a fraction of the documents in Meridian are currently linked to the FAMIS equipment IDs.  This is a high priority project to get the documents and IDs associated.
  • Why am I seeing information about Buildings I didn’t select in my search criteria?
    • This is because of multiple building projects.  Systems like FAMIS and Meridian only allow for one building to be picked per project.  We have a work around in the records project database to allow us to relate ALL the buildings that were affected by the project.  When this happens, all the information is returned to you in the mobile app so you don’t miss something that might be important to see.
    • The mobile app allows you to search on a building name and/or number:
      • If you only filter on ONE of the building fields, your results will display files for all projects that CONTAINED that building.
      • If you filter on BOTH building fields, your results will display projects that EQUAL only that combination of buildings.
  • Why are the as-builts not correct based on what is in the field?
    • The marked-up as-builts go from the contractor to the project manager/project rep, lead designer and then the consultant, routed through FIS.  Each group has a chance to review the set and sign off on it, then the consultant is supposed to create a record set based on the mark-ups.  If the no one marks the changes appropriately or finds issue, FIS adds what we get into Meridian.
  • Why is this file in the wrong spot?
    • FIS relies heavily on student employees that help sort, classify and add the files to Meridian.  In addition to student labor, the FTEs are trying their best to put things where they go.  We are not experts in all the disciplines and many times the documents are not easy to figure out.  If they come out of Unifier, they are a little easier to understand, but if they were added to that system and incorrectly labeled, they may end up mislabeled in Meridian.  Please email and let us know what the file is and how we can fix it.  We want it to be correct and you are the experts that can help us fix the data.
  • Why can’t I find what I am looking for?
    • Before 2003 we microfilmed information.  Most information except older project documents (correspondence, budget, specs, addenda, change orders, etc.) is in Meridian already, but if the project or information you are seeking is older and you can’t find it, please contact and we will look for you.
    • FIS never received it.  We try our best to get ALL PDC project files, but that doesn’t always happen as it should.  We just started receiving the Project Services closeout folders in the past few years.  If you have or know someone that has project or facility related information, please pass it along to us to add to Meridian.  If you need it back, we are happy to return it after we add it to the system.
    • The project is newer.  FIS usually waits 3 months to a year before archiving information after a project closes.  This allows the last amount of documentation to trickle in to us.  We also have limited resources and processing files from Unifier, soon PlanGrid and also the hard copies takes time.  If the information is newer and not in Meridian, it may be in a different system still or hard copy waiting to be processed.  Contact and we can help.
For definitions of the search fields on the Meridian Mobile app, click here