Mobile - Definitions for Searching Fields

Search All Files – all documents in Meridian, the searches are faceted meaning once you select the criteria in one field, the other fields will auto-filter to only valid selections based on the first field you filled in.  All project related documents and drawings are put in the system based on the project they happened with.  Some projects are related to one building, some are related to multiple buildings, some have a combination of buildings and entities (distributions systems, hardscapes, etc.) they are related to.

Location – The area on campus (Building or Entity)

Building Number – The FAMIS building or entity number.

Building Name – The FAMIS building or entity name.  If you select a building number first, this list will filter down to any building or entity that was included in any project done to the building number you selected first.

Floor – Only used for Operational Drawings.  Pick a Building first to see only the floors available in that building.

Classification – How the documents and drawings are described

Doc Class - The top level of organization for the different types of documents that are stored in Meridian.

Doc Sub Class – Based on the Doc Class, this classifies the documents further by the type.

Doc Sub Class Detail – Based on the Sub Class, not always used, this is an even further subset of the Sub Classes.

Discipline – Used only for Drawings (arch, mech, elec, gen, site, civil, land, demo, equip, struct)

Description – a type in field to search against a word or phrase that may narrow the search down.

Project Info – search against, project number, building name, project description coming from the Records Project Database.  This is a list of all projects that comes from our records project database.  This database holds project records from FAMIS (CP, PR, WO) and legacy projects from previous systems dating back to 1855 (card numbers and record IDs).  Some projects are related to one building, some are related to multiple buildings, some have a combination of buildings and entities (distributions systems, hardscapes, etc.) they are related to.  Also, it important to remember, documents in Meridian are stored under the most PARENT project that is related to the work being done.  If the WO or PR is under a CP, documents are stored under the CP.  The exception is Generic tracking parent projects.  Then we use the child project number.

Equipment – Information related to Equipment and Materials used for construction on campus.  These include Shop Drawing submittals, Operational and Maintenance Manuals, Manufacturer’s Warranties, and Testing and Reading files.  The files are also being linked to the FAMIS Equipment IDs based on the MSU tracked assets for PM scheduling and capital renewal.

Equipment ID – documents and drawings that are associated to the FAMIS Equipment/Asset ID can be searched for.  This field is a combination of the Equipment Number, Description, and equipment Status.

Equipment Division – based on the MasterFormat CSI divisions, these are the main categories of the standards for construction.

Equipment Sub Division – further classification of the Divisions for categories that use it (example:  if you select Mechanical as your division, the Sub Division choices would be:  General, Fire, HVAC, and Plumbing).

Manufacturer Group – Main classification for Manufacturers.  Because companies merge, sell, change names, etc. through the years, this is one standard name for the company used to archive information.  The different company names will be stored under manufacturer, but all tie to the manufacturer group.

Manufacturer – the company that produced the equipment or material used.

Material Type – the type of equipment or material used based on sub categories of the CSI Division and Sub Divisions.

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