FIT - can't sign in - MSU Net ID locked or need a password change

If you are trying to log into one of the secured areas of FIT and cannot, your MSU net ID may be locked or you may even need to change your net ID password.

How do I change my password?

  1. Visit and select the “Change a Password” option.
  2. Log in using your current NetID and password, and then you’ll be prompted to create a new password.
  3. Create a strong password using the guidelines found at

If the password change does not work:

1.  Submit a ticket to FIS Systems Support and we can check on your permissions and credentials.
If we cannot fix the issue, we may direct you to IT services for them to assist.

1.  Call the MSU IT services support line (517-432-6200) and press 6 for other services.
2.  Tell them your MSU Net ID needs to be unlocked.
  • You will need to give them your net ID and your Zpidwhen you call.
    • Do not say you are having Meridian trouble or you will be transferred back to FIS.  FIS cannot unlock your MSU account and you will have to call IT services again.
  • They may even have you follow instructions and change your passwordif necessary.
    • You can use the same password if it passes the requirements.  You will still need to follow the steps to change it though.
3.  Once your account has been unlocked, try logging into Meridian Explorer again.
  • Remember to type campusad\ in front of your username.
  • If you set a windows credential manager setting for, click here for instructions to update with your new password.
If this does not work, please contact FIS Support for assistance 3-3434 or