How To Find Lost Toolbar

How to bring back a toolbar in case you have lost it by mistake (if you're still using). This is a very frequent thing that happens to AutoCAD users. The reason is that, while you are dragging a TOOLBAR from place to place, you might have accidentally dropped it outside the viewable screen. Solution is pretty simple:

Write ‘-toolbar’ into the command line, then follow the instructions below:

Command: -toolbar
Enter toolbar name or [ALL]: modify
Enter an option [Show/Hide/Left/Right/Top/Bottom/Float] : f
Enter new position (screen coordinates) (0,0): 150,150
Enter number of rows for toolbar (1):

The reason why we write ‘–toolbar’ is that, we would like to follow the commands from the command line. Then, let’s write ‘Modify’ which is the name of the toolbar. Then let’s write ‘f’ (float) option which makes it floating over the screen. It is enough to enter 150, 150 as position. Press enter for the following command and the toolbar will be visible on the upper left side.