PDC Rendering Machines available to log into Meridian

If you are having trouble logging into Meridian to get files or work on files, we hear you!  With everyone working remotely and the docked stations not having a desktop computer to remote into back in the office, Meridian has inadvertently become unavailable for for a lot of the PDC staff.

The following KB articles will provide instructions for temporary access to users that need to work on files in Meridian.  We are working on a more permanent solution, but this should help users in the meantime.

1. This article gives instructions for FIRST TIME SETUP.  There are two rendering machines with Meridian, if you use both, you will have to do the first time set up on both.
2. This article is just a reminder of how to log into the rendering machines.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.  Stay safe and healthy!!!