Operations Documents available in AppTree - Search Meridian function

The newest Meridian Document Type, called Operations Documents, is now available to search against using the 'Search Meridian' function in AppTree for users that have mobile Meridian permissions (currently all IPF Building Services staff).

'Operations Documents' is an area for the current building systems and distribution systems drawings and documents to be stored in Meridian.  These files are NOT related to projects, but rather are the current, comprehensive view of the buildings, much like the operational drawings in Meridian.  

Currently the Electrical Engineers and Central Control are adding files to the operations area, but the document type was designed to grow and be able to store files for many different disciplines.  The files loaded into Meridian are available on the mobile app currently, but bear in mind these are not all of the files.  The teams are working on adding files as they create them or clean up the data they have currently.

Storing this information in Meridian will allow for the users to pull it up at their desktops as well as in the field.  The information can also be displayed via GIS through our campus maps (all permissions based). 

Click here for a knowledge based article with a link to the instructions.