Meridian 2020 Upgrade – system scheduled outage notice

Meridian Upgrade – system scheduled outage notice

The Meridian Document Management System is being upgraded to the 2020 version over the weekend of October 15, 2021.  The Meridian Poweruser client (desktop application) will be unavailable for users to access, add or modify files or to edit the properties on files. 

How does this impact the end user:

  • Users will be unable to use the Meridian Poweruser client (desktop application). We will notify users when the system comes back online.
  • Users can access Meridian Explorer directly or use the Facilities Information Tool to search for and view files in the web based Meridian application. 

  • Once the system is back online:
    • If you have not upgraded to campusad (logging into your IPF computer with your MSU NetID), you will not be able to access Meridian 2020.
  • Included in the upgrade is an update to the local Meridian software, the end user shouldn’t see any difference in startup or functionality.
    • There will be no change in how users connect to Meridian, remotely or in the office, for this version of Meridian.
    • If you are prompted to connect to the server, please follow these instructions.

What is the reason for this outage:

 Upgrading the system to Meridian 2020.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during the outage. If you have any questions please contact the FIS support line at (517) 353-3434 or submit a ticket on the FIS support Portal.

Thank you, 

FIS Support