Oce - Making Copies

Oce TDS700/Colorwave 650
Large Format Drawings –
Making Copies
To make copies:
  1. Select ‘Copy’ on controller keypad (should be defaulted to this setting).
  2. If not selected already, use the scroll wheel and select button to pick which type of copy from the list on keypad.
  1. Once you have selected the type of copy, you can select how many copies you would like to make using the numbers.
  1. If you are making multiple copies of a set, click the select button above the scroll wheel to enter option screen.
    1. Click on the button on the top right above create set.
  1. After all pages in set are scanned, click on close set.
  1. Insert drawing FACE DOWN and line up with turquoise arrow.  If you can, make sure the top of the drawing is inserted first so it prints the right direction. 
  1. Machine will auto feed document in, then once it stops moving, press the green button.
  1. If scanning multiple pages, feed next drawing in and other drawing will release.
  1. After all drawings are scanned, press RED BUTTON to release the last one.
  1. Drawings will come out of the plotter.  If you made multiple copies of a set, they will print collated as the set.
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