FIS Services Account Overview

Facilities Information Services Accounts

Overview of Facilities Information Services Accounts

This article will give you a basic understanding of the FIS Services Account.  It will cover the types of secured information that is available, how to get an account and will contain links to other articles detailing how you use your account to access different types of secured information.  FIS Services Accounts are available to authorized MSU staff, faculty and business partners.

IPF employees vs Non-IPF Employees

IPF employees are automatically granted access to the FIS suite of tools and applications. If you an MSU employee, but are not an IPF employee and you have a business need for a Facilities Information Services account, please submit an account request.

Secured Information

Facilities Information Services maintains and/or makes available a wide range of information about MSU's facilities that is not publicly available.  Accessing this information requires applying for, and being granted an FIS Services Account.  Depending on what your requirements are, this account may give you access to the following:
  • Buildings
    • Floor plans (pdf, dwg, dwf and map enabled)
    • As-builts
    • Operation and maintenance manuals
    • Shop drawings
    • Project documents
  • Underground utilities
    • Online maps
    • Mobile device maps
    • Project documentation including as-builts and other project related documents
  • Capital Construction
    • Bid Sets
    • As-builts
    • Correspondence
    • Pictures
    • Contracts
    • Submittals including shop drawings, operation and maintenance manuals and more
  • Miscellaneous
    • ​Stormwater Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI) Maps and information
    • Well Head Protection Plan (WHPP) Information
    • Detailed plant maps and botanical database information
The listing above is not wholly inclusive but you can see there is quite a bit of information that Facilities Information Services maintains that cannot be made publicly available.

Getting an account

Getting an account is pretty straightforward.  All you need to do is submit a request for a new account.  We are now asking for contact information for your direct manager or supervisor.  We will contact this person and get their approval as part of our verification process.  This is to ensure that someone responsible for the person making the request is aware, and approves of the request.  We also are required to get approval for access to the critical data through the MSU Police department.
Once you submit the form, you can expect to receive an email from us confirming that we've received your request.  We will then follow up with you, your manager/supervisor and the MSU Police. Once we have verified your request, you will receive instructions and links to information about how to use it.

More information

The following links contain more information about how to use your account to access different types of secure information:

Getting support

If you need help with any of our applications or services, please submit a support ticket or post on our Community Forum.  You can also search our Knowledge Base for information related to your problem.

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