Using your account - Building Floor Plans

Facilities Information Services Accounts

Accessing Building Floor Plans

There are several ways of accessing building floor plans that will be reviewed here.  All require a FIS Services Account with proper authorization.

Via the Facilities Information Tool Buildings List

One of the easiest ways to access building floor plans is to use the Facilities Information Tool Buildings List to find the building you need floor plans for, click on the building name and from the drop-down, choose the 'search for pdf/dwg floorplans' menu item.  This will open Meridian Explorer (Log in with your MSU net ID and Password when prompted) and display a list of floorplans for this building.

Via the Facilities Information Tool Building Location Map (ex: Union Building)

Another way of looking at building floorplans is to use the Building location map within the Facilities Information Tool.  From the Facilities Information Tool Buildings List, click on the name of the building you want to look at and from the drop-down menu, choose the 'location map' menu item.  This will take you to the location map for that building.  On the location map screen, select the 'Floor plans' tab and login using your FIS Services Account.
Once you have logged in successfully, you can turn on a floor plan by selecting it in the list of floors.  Once you've selected a floor, the floor plan will be displayed in the map and a list of rooms on that floor will be displayed.  Hovering over a room will highlight the room on the map and you can also click to show the popup for the room which will have more information about the room.

Using Meridian Explorer Operational Floor Plans View

Using the Meridian Explorer Operational Floor Plans View, you can easily search for floor plans by building and / or floor and view and download floor plans in .dwg, .dwf and, .pdf formats.

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