Using your account - Underground Utilities and Other Infrastructure

Facilities Information Services Accounts

Accessing Underground Utility and Other Infrastructure

There are two options for accessing underground utility and other infrastructure maps.  Both require a FIS Services Account with proper authorization.

Using your desktop web browser

If you wish to view underground utility information using your desktop's web browser use the Facilities Infrastructure Viewer.  Once you have logged in successfully using either your FIS Services Account or pplant domain account, you can use the application to view detailed underground utility information maps including:
  • Utilities
    • Chilled water
    • Communication and electric
    • Fiber optic network
    • Water, storm and sanitary
    • Street lights
    • Natural gas
    • Irrigation
    • Steam
  • Other Infrastructure
    • Tree and plant maps and information
    • Parking
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI)
    • Panoramic photos
    • Current and historic aerial imagery (1953 thru current)
    • Building floor plans
    • Historical Imagery

From your mobile device (phone or tablet)

You can access our facility information from an application on your mobile device (Android and iOS).  For specific instructions, refer to Installing and Configuring ArcGIS on a Mobile Device.

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