Meridian - Access Denied - Windows Credential Manager - FIRST TIME SET-UP

In an effort to align with the IPF Mobile action plan and moving towards using Campus AD for authentication onto systems, we will be moving Meridian to Campus AD and using your MSU NetID and password for authentication instead of your IPF credentials.   This notice is only for the Meridian Desktop software.

Campus AD credentials to log into Meridian

For Pre-Windows 10 machines:
  1. Open the Start Menu and type ‘Credential Manager’.
  2. Open the Window Credential Manager program.
For Windows 10 machines:
  1. Type Windows Credential in the Cortana search bar.
  2. Select Manage Windows Credentials.
3.  Click on Add a Windows Credential.
4.  Fill out the form (copy and paste portions if you want) using MSU Net ID information:
  • Internet or network address:  IPF-MSPROD01
  • User name:  campusad\yourmsunetid
  • Password: your MSU NETID Password
5.  Restart your computer.
  1. Open Meridian.
  2. An error will come up that says Unable to connect to server on computer ‘IPF-XX-D-XXX’. Class not registered.  Click OK.
  • In the Server: field, copy and paste:  IPF-MSPROD01.CAMPUSAD.MSU.EDU
  • Then hit enter on your keyboard
8.  Now you will have the vaults available to select.  If not, click here and see If this doesn't work section.
Verify you have access...
  • If you see a locked vault icon (or a key) when opening meridian or your IPF credentials are still displayed at the bottom, restart your computer.
  • If you get the access denied message still, make sure your information is typed correctly in the windows credential manager.
  • If you change your MSU NetID password before the IPF computers are using Campus AD for authentication, you will have to follow these instructions.
  • If you have followed these instructions and continue to get an access denied message, follow these instructions to check the status of your net id.