Explorer - Viewing files - IE tabs for Google Chrome

Google Chrome does not support viewing in Meridian Explorer.  Users have three options for viewing a file in Meridian Explorer.

  1. Use Internet Explorer as your browser when using Meridian Explorer.
  2. Download the files and open them in a native application (Adobe, Microsoft, AutoCAD, etc.)
  3. Download IE tabs for Google Chrome.

If you download IE tabs, make sure to set up the options to match the following:

  1. After installing IE tabs in google chrome, click on the icon and select options.
  2. Check the appropriate boxes for Auto URL, Popups & Tabs and Display.
  3. Add an Auto URL: https://dms.ipf.msu.edu/bcenterprise/*
  4. Check the appropriate boxes for Advanced
  5. Check IE 7 Standards Mode for IE compatibility Mode.