Explorer - can't log in - MSU NetID password expired or changed - Update Windows Credential manager

If the Explorer log in screen keeps appearing each time you enter your credentials without taking you into the system, you need to update your password in the windows credential manager for dms.ipf.msu.edu.

If your MSU NetID password is expired, go to MSU Net ID Password Reset and follow the instructions there.  Once you have changed your MSU Net ID password, you will need to update your windows credential manager to reflect your new Net ID password.
For Pre-Windows 10 machines:
  1. Open the Start Menu and type ‘Credential Manager’.
  2. Open the Window Credential Manager program.
For Windows 10 machines:
  1. Type Windows Credential in the Cortana search bar.
  2. Select Manage Windows Credentials.
3.  Click on the dms.ipf.msu.edu windows credential and click edit.
4.  Update your password and click save.